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The 1997 Health Insurance Law and Regulations came into force in 1998. Government had therefore established a framework for healthcare funding to be provided for all employees by way of health insurance, with employer and employees meeting the insurance premium costs fifty-fifty.

After a few years of experience, the newly installed health insurance system encountered a few hurdles which led to the revision and amendment of the original Health Insurance Law and Regulations, and the creation of the Health Insurance Commission (HIC) Law, 2003. The H.I.C. Law, 2003 in conjunction with the Health Insurance Law (2005 Revision) and the Health Insurance Regulations (2005 Revision) provide the regulatory framework to effectively monitor and regulate the health insurance industry in the Cayman Islands.

HIC Board and Staff

The Health Insurance Commission has a 9 member Board consisting of the following: the Chief Officer of the Ministry responsible for health insurance; the Chief Medical Officer; the Superintendent of Health Insurance; five members appointed by the Governor from among persons experienced in the areas of health, health insurance, finance (including accounting) and regulation of insurance; and one member of the public who is not experience in any of the areas specified previously. The first meeting of the H.I.C. Board was held on March 4, 2004.

The Commission currently has a staff of 6 members comprised of: one Chief Executive Officer/Superintendent of Health Insurance; three Health Insurance Inspectors; one Administrative Assistant and one Financial Accountant.

Organizational Chart

Ministry of Health, Youth, Sports and Culture

Department of Health Regulatory Services

    The Department of Health Regulatory Services Organizational Chart.