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Can a corporation be registered as a facility?
In section 4 (10) of the Health Practice Registration Regulations state that “Where an applicant is a non-Caymanian health practitioner (full-time resident or visiting) he shall provide written evidence at the date of application that he is or will be affiliated with a registered Caymanian health practitioner in the Islands or with one of the registered health care facilities in the islands.” Therefore, providing that the corporation has Caymanian ownership, consistent with the Health Practice Law (2005 Revision) and Trade and Business laws, then the application for registration will be accepted. Please click here for the Guidelines and Application for Facility Registration.
How many Continuing Education Credit hours do I require for the retention of my registration?

Each Council is tasked with the duty to assign a minimum number of Continuing Education hours. Please check your Council for their requirements. Click your Council below to access the Continuing Education information for:

  1. The Council for Professions Allied with Medicine – Continuing Education Information
  2. The Medical and Dental Council – Continuing Education Information
  3. The Nursing and Midwifery Council – Continuing Education Information
  4. The Pharmacy Council – Continuing Education Information
I want to practice in the Cayman Islands. What do I need to know right away?
You must be registered/licensed in one of the approved jurisdictions (i.e. Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, or the United States of America). In addition, you must provide a letter of good standing from the registering/licensing authority in the place where you are currently working. Please note that the letter of good standing can take up to 6 weeks to reach this office.
How do I request a letter of good standing?

Please send your request to HPBUSERS@gov.ky. Include the Council you are registered with and the address that the certificate should be sent to. Most registering/licensing authorities request that the letter of good standing is sent directly to them from our office. Your request will take up to 5 business days to process. A fee of CI$ 25.00 (or US$ 31.00) is payable to the Cayman Islands Government by cheque or bank draft. Overseas cheques are not accepted.

How do I find work in the Cayman Islands?
The Health Practice Commission provides registration for the health care practitioners in the Cayman Islands. We cannot assist you with finding employment.
I am a recent graduate of St Matthews University. What is required to obtain a letter of eligibility?
The Medical and Dental Council will require a copy of your current license/registration from one of the approved jurisdictions (i.e. Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, or the United States [US] of America). A request letter that states you are a St Matthews graduate.
What if I need the letter of eligibility in order to obtain my license?
Some States in the US require this letter of eligibility in order to process your application for a license. In this event you are advised to register with another state that does not require a letter of eligibility from the jurisdiction that your medical school is located in.
Where do I send the Z-Form?
The Texas State Board requires a Z-Form for their application process. The form should be filled in by the graduate and signed by the Permanent Secretary (or their delegate) at the Ministry of Education in the Cayman Islands www.education.gov.ky.
I have decided not to work in the Cayman Islands. Can I receive a refund on my registration fee?
  1. The registration fee is refundable prior to the Councils review or if the Council denies registration.
  2. The registration fee is refundable if a mistake was made by the Health Practice Commission.
  3. The registration fee is not refundable once the file reaches the Council and is subsequently approved for registration.

The request for a refund of the registration fee must be made within 90 days of the date of the payment. Please note that the registration fee is unrelated to the duration of employment and is only prorated between the dates 10 October to 31 December when the upcoming renewal registration fee is due.

How do I apply for certification of my health care facility?
Please send your request for an application form to HPBUSERS@gov.ky. Once you have submitted your application and collateral documents, you will be scheduled for a facility inspection. Upon completion of a successful inspection, your application, supporting documents and a copy of the Inspector’s report will be reviewed by the Health Practice Commission for the granting of your certificate.
Is there a cost for the inspection of my health care facility?
Yes, there will be a fee. Pursuant to section 5.(3) of the Health Practice Law (2005 Revision) “An application for a certificate shall be made in writing in such manner and in such form as the Commission shall determine from time to time and shall be accompanied by the prescribed fee.” Fees to be applied to the registration of a facility will be in effect 1 July 2010 and will be posted on the website as soon as they become available.
What section of the Health Practice Law covers the inspection process?
The Health Practice Law (2005 Revision) sections 5 through 20 cover health care facilities. Section 5 is specific to the “certification of health care facilities” and section 16 is specific to the “inspection of health care facilities”.
What is the duration of a certificate?
The Health Practice Law (2005 Revision) section 6, subsection (1) “The duration shall be stated therein and subsection (2) “A certificate may be for a fixed period not exceeding three years.”
Am I required to gain this certification prior to opening my facility?
The Health Practice Law section 15, subsection (1) “Whoever operates a health care facility without a certificate is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine of fifty thousand dollars and a further fine of ten thousand dollars for every day during which the facility is operated without a certificate.”

Last Updated: 2013-02-04