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Health Practice Commission Services

Fee Schedule Charge Unit
Letter of Good Standing $25.00 Request
Registry Inspection $5.00 Request
Official Search $50.00

Per hour or part thereof

Certified Copies $10.00 Sheet
Uncertified Copies $7.00 Sheet



Health Practice Commission (Board)

Health Care Facilities Fee Schedule Charge
Facility Fee - Initial application (non-refundable) $300.00
Facility Fee - Initial (up to 3 beds or clinical/examination rooms) $1000.00
Facility with 3 or more beds Base fee of $1000.00 plus $200.00 per bed
Facility with 3 or more clinical/examination rooms Base fee of $1000.00 plus $200.00 per room
Facility Fee - Renewal of Certificate $750.00
Clinical Trials** $1,600.00


** includes all registered practitioners  

Last Updated: 2014-12-10