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Fee Schedule Charge Unit
Application (non-refundable) $500.00 Initial
Express registration (to be processed within 7 business days) $650.00 Per application
Urgent registration (to be processed within 3 business days) $800.00 Per application
Emergency registration (to be processed within 24 hours) $1000.00 Per application
Amendments to certificate/registration $100.00 Per request
Letter of Good Standing
Per letter
Late (Registration) Fees $100.00 Occurrence


Registration Fee Schedule Charge Unit
Principal List $500.00 Annually
Institutional List $600.00 Annually
Clinical Trials $1,600.00 Annually



Provisional Registration List

Fee Schedule Charge Unit
Caymanians, Permanent Residents & their spouses $0.00 Year
Non-Caymanians $500.00 Year


Professions of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Technicians