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Work permit applications will require proof of health insurance
Starting next year, employers will have to include a certificate of compliance for health insurance when applying for or renewing work permits, including any temporary permits lasting longer than 30 days.  17th January 2017, 1:05pm
Cabinet: No health insurance fee increase this year
Cabinet announced Thursday that it would not increase the minimum fees that health insurance companies pay for procedures after fewer than 10 doctors responded to government requests for financial information. 17th January 2017, 1:01pm
No conviction in health insurance case
After hearing the circumstances of an employer’s failure to maintain health insurance for two employees, Magistrate Philippa McFarlane said she was going to take the exceptional course of ordering no conviction to be entered against his name. 21st May 2015, 2:10pm
Employer fined for insurance offenses
Leroy Mitchell Jr., who with his wife owned and operated Candles Unlimited, was fined $1,000 for unlawful deductions from an employee’s pay and failure to effect and continue health insurance coverage. 21st April 2015, 2:43pm
Employer fined $8,500 for no health insurance
Caytech Electronics and its owner, Marcelo Franca, were fined $8,500 last week for failure to effect and continue a standard health insurance contract as required by the Health Insurance Law. 23rd March 2015, 11:30am
Success Increasing Health Insurance Coverage
Complaints commissioner cites concerns about lack of staff on Sister Islands. 6th March 2015, 10:01am
Local Company Fined
On 28 January 2015, the court fined local construction company owner Wendel Wendel CI$1,500.00 for failing to pay health insurance fees for himself and one of his employees in 2013. 26th February 2015, 2:00pm
Health insurance violators could be fined
Health insurance violators could be fined  1st August 2014, 10:56am
New basic insurance plan in place
A new version of the standard health insurance contract comes into effect from Friday, 1 March.  26th March 2013, 2:59pm
Spike in health insurance costs
Cayman Islands residents on the standard healthcare plan can expect premiums to go up by at least 50 per cent over the next year. 26th March 2013, 2:33pm
Standards Help Change Healthcare Facilities
How National Standards for Healthcare facilities are affecting change in doctor's visits. 20th December 2012, 1:00pm
Register Healthcare Facilities
Failing to do so can attract large penalties, says the Health Practice Commission. 14th February 2011, 4:44pm
Day in Court
Three employers receive fines for health insurance delinquency. 10th February 2011, 5:37pm
Ministerial Contribution
Staff assist Lions Club of Tropical Gardens' Breast Cancer Awareness. 20th December 2010, 5:16pm
Health Regulatory Services Moving
The unit will therefore be closed until Wednesday, 18 August. 12th August 2010, 5:20pm