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Published 14th February 2011, 4:44pm

In the face of possible strict fines, The Health Practice Commission (HPC) reminds all health care facility owners of the legal requirements for registration.

According to sections 5, 6 and 7 of The Health Practice Law (2005 Revision), facility owners must apply to the HPC for their certification. This requirement applies to any facility "at which health services are provided by a registered practitioner". Failing to do so can attract large penalties as outlined by section 15 of the law: Unregistered facilities could see owners paying a fine of fifty thousand dollars with a further fine of ten thousand dollars for every day during which the facility is operated without a certificate.

"To date, we have had a very good response from our health care practitioners and we hope to see full voluntary compliance," said Cayman's first Health Facilities Inspector Barrie Quappé.

"Members of the public can check whether a health care facility is registered by looking for the facility certificate. This document should be on display in every health care facility. Any facility which does not possess a certificate is either not in compliance with the National Standards (as outlined in the Health Practice Law) or the facility has not registered and/or been inspected," Mrs. Quappé noted further.

The National Standards were published in April 2010 after thorough stakeholder consultation and include provisions for building safety and sanitation. As such certain aspects of the inspection involve the Fire Services as well as the Planning Department. This document is available at: Gazette 9, Supplement 16.

For further information on the Health Practice Commission and the inspection process, log on to