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Published 4th February 2005, 12:33pm

Cayman Net News

Employers are required to provide all employees with a standard health insurance contract including full-time, part-time, temporary work permit holders, and domestic helpers according to the Health Insurance Commission.

“The health insurance requirement was intended to help individuals pay for catastrophic illness,” said the Hon Gilbert McLean, Minister of Health Services. “By having health insurance for employees, it makes health insurance more affordable for everyone, rather than the individual reaching into his pocket and paying individual rates.”

The Compulsory health insurance section of the Health Insurance Law (2003 Revision) states all residents of the Cayman Islands must by covered by a standard health insurance contract. It further states, employers are required to provide health insurance coverage for themselves, their unemployed spouse and children, their employees, and their employees’ unemployed spouse and children.

Employers who do not comply with the Health Insurance Law are guilty of an offence and will be fined $5,000 in a summary conviction and $10,000 if convicted on indictment.

All employees who do not have health insurance, whether fulltime, part-time, temporary work permit holders or domestic helpers, should contact their employer to provide health insurance or contact the Health Insurance Commission at 946-2084.