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Published 27th September 2005, 1:0pm

Caymanian Compass | By Iris Stoner,

The new Health Insurance Commission office was officially opened Friday, 23 September, in Anderson Square.

Minister for Health Anthony Eden was on hand for the ceremony.

“In preparing for this event, I was reminded of the many improvements that have been made to ensure the residents of this country continue to have access to healthcare,” Mr. Eden said.

He then chronicled the history of the Health Insurance Law and Regulations, and the Health Insurance Commission Law.

“The Superintendent of Health Insurance and the staff of the commission currently receive complaints regarding the provision of health insurance and carry out investigations with the aim of resolving 100 per cent of the complaints,” Mr. Eden added.

To date, the commission has received 527 complaints and/or inquiries, with 90 per cent of those resolved and a very few pending resolution in the courts, he said.

The commission ensures the provision of health insurance is well regulated and helps the public resolve any health–insurance related complaints.

Mervyn Conolly, Superintendent of Health Insurance, also spoke at the opening.

“With the relocation of our office from UBS House to here, at Anderson Square, we hope to serve our customers and clients and the general public even better,” he said.

Mr. Conolly also addressed the HIC staff.

“Permit me also to take this opportunity to thank the staff of the HIC. Firstly, for their assistance in planning and arranging this event, but more importantly, for their loyalty and commitment to the duties and responsibilities of the Health Insurance Commission, during this year of challenges, changes and transition,” he said.

Suzanne Look Loy, chairman of the board of the commission, outlined the HIC’s achievements, which include the compilation of standard fees for health insurance; continuous review of premium rates; establishing the enforcement arm of the commission to ensure resolution of complaints; and the launch of a public awareness campaign.

Calling the task of the commission mammoth, she added: “(The) continued partnering of all stakeholders will only ensure that the health insurance industry in the Cayman Islands remains beneficial for all, is equitable, effective, efficient and most of all cutting edge in its approach to providing the best product available to the stakeholders in the health insurance market.”

In addition, Mr. Eden called for all those involved to support the work of the commission.

“(The) success of the Health Insurance Commission depends upon the relationship it forges with the health insurers, health care providers, employers and employees. Therefore, I implore all of the stakeholders to work together for the greater good.

“I understand there are problems and special needs of each group but it is only through constructive, open dialogue that we can find the answers and resolve the problems,” Mr. Eden said.