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Published 19th July 2005, 1:5pm

The publication of the standard fees to come into effect on 1 August has been approved after consultation with the Health Insurance Commission, the Cabinet briefing heard on Friday.

“The standard fees are not necessarily the fees charged by a doctor, but are the baseline fees from which an approved insurer will determine payment to be made under a standard health insurance contract for a health care benefit provided to a compulsorily insured person,” said Minister Anthony Eden.

“In accordance with the Health Insurance Law, every health care facility and registered practitioner must file with the Commission annually and not later than one month after any adjustment the maximum fee charged for each health benefit provided by such health care facility and registered practitioner,” he added.

The fees had been gazetted and additional information could be received from the office of the Health Insurance Commission on the second floor of the UBS building or by calling 946–2084, said Mr. Eden.